At Rock Radio And More (RRAM) we are committed to the Hispanic audience that loves Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B as well as other genres of music that have filled our hearts and souls with amazing memories and new memories to be made.

In the last 30 years Spanish Rock has exploded on the music scene with great singers and bands and we believe its absolutely necessary to pay attention to that audience by delivering the music they love in both English and Spanish.

Here at RRAM we play the best songs of all time and we believe that there are many more classics yet to be made therefore we promise to play the latest hits in both English and Spanish.

The best songs are not always played on mainstream radio. We are committed to playing all those hits that our audience knows and loves from the flip side of the album.

Rock Radio and More is an internet music station founded and operated by Inedito’s Creative Lab, LLC. It is broadcasts from Atlanta, Georgia via our website Our listeners can also listen to our station through mobile media apps such as TuneIn, ShoutCast and very soon our own application for RRAM.

The Spanish communication industry in the United States has always been characterized as just focusing on the different types of regional music from the Latino groups such as Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American, etc. Inedito’s Creative Lab has worked for years in the marketing of different brands using various types of electronic and print media and we believe there should be a space for those Latinos that love rock music.

We believe in internet radio and are passionate in dedicating space to Rock music and its audience’s needs.