This is an interview in English with Vincent Weynen, guitarist at 10 Rogue. 

This is the Row Video from our interview on Facebook Live last April 2nd 2020.

It is always great having Vincent from Belgium talking about his musical projects, unfortunately we had to talk more about the changes in the lives of many in the midst of Covid 19.  How people is reacting to the measurements of Shelter in Place, and how difficult

It is for many musicians at this moment. 

He says he is buying tomatoes for everyone that comes to the show, and if they don’t play well – they can go ahead and send them back to the stage… After all this time on Quarantine there are no excuses to not play great!

10 Rogues music is on rotation on Rock Radio And More for more than 4 years. We love 10 Rogue.

I would recommend to listen to this interview and get to know more about 10 Rogue’s music

Entrevista con Vincent Weynen, guitarrista de 10 Rogue

Este es nuestro video de Facebook Live tal y como sucedió sin ediciones. 

Vicent charlo de lo que se vive en Bélgica -recientemente- bajo las condiciones de “refugio en casa” “shelter in place”.

Ademas platico de cómo están viendo formas nuevas de cómo seguir ensayando virtualmente.

La música de 10 Rogue la puedes escuchar en Rock Radio And More. 

Dale click a la entrevista, y comenta. Gracias











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