Loyalty vs intelligence – Defining The Liberals and Conservatives’ Main Characteristics… Brilliant! This is a segment of our full conversation about the political spectrum we live in the USA and in our State of Georgia. 

Loyalty is a beautiful value, but we most a few cons before we use it against us when we practice it in our political lives. Let’s see what our guest has to say about the defining characteristics of liberals and conservatives.

Representative Beth Moore

House District 95

Gwinnett & Fulton Counties

Includes 5 cities: Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Berkeley Lake, Duluth & Johns Creek

Originally elected in 2018 by a close margin (only ~650 votes, ~2% margin), when she flipped a seat from Republican to Democrat.

Re-elected in 2020 by a wide margin (3000+ votes, almost 10% margin)

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-Twitter @mooreforgeorgia

-Instagram @bethmooreforgeorgia

-Facebook @bethmooreforgeorgia

-TikTok @repbethmoore


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