La madrugada is a band created in 2014, by four child hood friends and brothers. Jordan, eddie, Emmanuel, and Eduardo all musicians that started at a young age playing music. A versatile band with reggae,ska,alternative,punk, and Latin influences. Despite of having less than two years of presence in the scene they have teamed up with local bands and themselves to make great events, in local venues in Atlanta and recently opened up for Mexican ska and reggae sensation Inspector. The band continues strongly to expand and add a lot of elements in there performances; like the ukelele, accordion, and Latin percussion

La Madrugada del arsenal de nuestras bandas locales que tenemos en programacion.

Eduardo- Lead Vocals/Guitar/bass, Emmanuel- Guitar/Vocals/bass
Eddie- Guitar/Vocals/bass, Jordan- Drums.

A band with a fusion of different genres. Reggae, rock, rap, ska, alternative, and Latin influences. To book contact us @ 6789344146 or 4043683797.

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