Este es un video de Judas Priest cuando iniciaban con Alan Atkins como vocalista de la banda. La canción que se escucha es el Demo de Whiskey Woman de Al Atkins y KK Downing (1973).

“This song was originally written by Al Atkins. Al founded “Judas Priest” in 1969. That band broke up in 1970. Later that year Al joined the trio Freight, formed by KK Downing, Ian Hill and John Ellis. They all agreed to carry on with the name “Judas Priest”, and the rest is history. So Al Atkins brought the name “Judas Priest”, is the original vocalist, and a founding member. He was also the main songwriter in the early days; his contributions made it to Rocka Rolla (1974) and Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976), “Never Satisfied” and “Victim Of Changes” (first half of the song) to name a few.” From the Youtube video here. Escucha Judas Priest en Rock Radio And More.

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