Welcome all to a new online series that I have decided to start here… AYMERICH Live: is where i will showcase and blog about some of the best live shows I have ever been too or seen on video… Be it video or audio I will have it here to showcase for you when I can find it! Today for the first one I have the audio of one of the best and most memorable shows by Pearl  Jam!

Pearl Jam’s 1994 concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. April 3, 1994 This show was broadcast live on the radio in the United States and was also eventually released as a part of the “Dissident”/Live in Atlanta box set released in Europe .This was an amazing, which I DID ATTEND… This show is quite interesting since Eddie dedicated the song “Go” to Kurt Cobain. The show was held four days, April 8, 1994, before his tragic death  due to an apparent suicide, which deeply affected Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder… To me it was always a sign that many in his circle knew something bad was afoot. Especially Eddie….

This show is pumped fully of energy and most likley the last one where you can hear the full young energy of the band before their world came to a severe change…

Set list:
1. Release
2. Rearviewmirror
3. Whipping
4. Even Flow
5. Dissident
6. Why Go
7. Deep
8. Jeremy
9. Glorified G
10. Daughter
11. Go
12. Animal
13. Garden
14. State of Love and Trust
15. Black
16. Alive
17. Blood
18. W.M.A.
19. Betterman
20. Elderly Woman Sitting Behind the Counter in a Small Town
21. Rats
22. Satan’s Bed
23. Once
24. Improv
25. Sonic Reducer
26. Porch
27. Indifference

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