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THE DARKSIDE… “My Costa Rica UFO Story” – Okay many of you have been asking for this episode for a long while. This is from episode 3 of my old show “The DARKSIDE..” a show I used to do with Djedhi Gnostica He and I used to do this show back in roughly 2010 – 2013 and was broadcast in the old PRN Radio Network. Recently I did a talk on another show about UFO’s in Costa Rica and my experiences with them. Many of you missed it and the how is not on podcast and rebroadcasted. This talk started because of a sighting earlier this year at my favorite spot in the world Volcano Irazu in Costa Rica. Also because of the connection made by someone that I was born in on Sept. 22, 1971 and one of the most famous sightings in Costa Rica is on September 4, 1971 at Lago de Cote, Costa Rica… Granted not mentioned on either show is the various UFO experiences and sightings with my Mother, Aunts and the most recent at The Parsonage in Norcross…



UFO September 4, 1971, Lago de Cote, Costa Rica – This is the UFO sighting that happened on the same month and year of my birth. It also happens in the same country. I don’t believe I a of an alien birth LOL! But many people say that the hype and stories of that sighting is what made a strong impact in my love of exploring the paranormal. It is possible, but there were also many more factors… The photo above (cropped and enlarged) was taken by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission. This UFO photograph is unique for several reasons. 1) The photograph was taken by a high-quality, professional camera. (See it happens Bruce!!) 2) The unidentified object is plainly visible against the uniformly dark background of the lake and appears in sharp focus. 3) The camera was aimed downward and the plane was flying at a known, fixed altitude (10,000 feet), which makes it easy to calculate a maximum size for the object (683 feet). READ MORE

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UFO Exits Volcano In Costa Rica On Feb 2016 – This is a newer sighting that happened this year! It is also one of my most favorite locations in the world. I have explored this place many times with family and friends… This UFO was seen over a Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica this week. It was probably exiting an underground base that is 4-5 km below the volcano. Aliens often chose high peaks and volcanoes to make a base below, because of their remoteness and difficulty for humans to explore. Thus, the risk of them being seen is low. READ MORE

UFO Santa Ana Costa Rica – This is a video of a UFO sighting very near a location where some of my family resides. It looks very much like the one my cousin Ronald and I Saw and chased back in 1993. Granted we saw our at night and it was glowing. Apparently Aliens like Soccer… This sighting was captured last year in 2015


UFO in Acosta, Costa Rica, 2007 – This is a famous UFO video that was shown on national and international television back in 2007. Many think it is fake and I can see why. Still in 2007 and in Costa Rica the technology to make such a hoax was very expensive and doing so for now economic gain just does not sound logical… You can not look at this from the point of view of where you come from, but from where the person who experienced it lives…

There are many more UFO sightings and mysteries from Costa Rica. I will share more soon now that I see many of you are interested in this topic and my opinion… I actually enjoy it more than ghosts… Imagine that?


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