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Another week has passed and it’s time for another wrap up of all that has happened of interest to me in the news and the paranormal. I h ope you are ready for this final lunchtime show… Next week we start anew on the east coast drive time! 2pm will be our new start time… I hope you can handle the change!!


listenlivevi-viWoman Crush Wednesday…  As always this is becoming a frustrating thing because I can not really put the woman I want to on here… But here are a couple that do intrigue me… My two favorite droids!



Coffee Logic… (A quote or message to burrow in your brain throughout the week)  The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Brussels attack investigation: – I wanted to avoid talking about this but I could not… The state of the world and these terrorist attacks these past couple of years are really making me sad and taking the wind out of me… So far one person has been arrested after the bloody terrorist attacks in Belgium, though the country’s federal prosecutor said that the man believed to have been the third person taking part directly in the Brussels airport attack remains on the run. For more up to date news CLICK HERE

Thought Nugget… I want to leave you with a nugget to think about… This is why WE NEED TO STOP THESE FANATICAL ASS HATS!!! “Brussels attack and Stock market only down 42 points – terror now considered business as usual.” – Grant Cardone  — Friends THIS SHOULD NEVER BE THE NEW NORMAL!!! Our governments are allowing this to be so we can be scared and submissive to them! We could have stopped this easily back in the early 2000Oh and as for this we PC we can’t profile crap… Give me a break, we are adults and we know not all Muslims and followers of Islam are fanatical terrorists. But until the modern terrorists stop being fanatical Islamist, we are profiling them all in out heads anyway… So lets get the job done, and the profiling of Muslims will slow down to a trickle and end one day.



METALLICA’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ Album Selected For Induction Into National Recording Registry – METALLICA’s classic 1986 LP “Master Of Puppets” is among the albums that have been selected for induction into the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry. Under the terms of the National Recording Preservation Act of 2000, the Librarian, with advice from the Library’s National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB), annually selects 25 recordings that are “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” and are at least 10 years old. The selections for the 2015 registry bring the total number of recordings on the registry to 450, only a minuscule portion of the Library’s vast recorded-sound collection of more than 3 million items. READ MORE




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